Shel's Website Gateway  In the photo above is Shel, his 3 dogs and his boat. Only Shel and the dog standing free are around today!
This is step one for getting back into the web page publishing business. Had several pages titled this old boat under the old Home organization before Comcast and may toss them back up for practice (see link below). Eventually would like to get it into a genealogy site for displaying all the data I've gathered over the years. In relationship to this is the Woodbridge Senior Center where I attend genealogy classes on Tues afternoon and also provide them with computer repair and teaching support. Let the fun begin!! Shel HTML2 CSS and METATAGS

Well its now Spring semester (starting April 12) and that past term was very pleasant in the chat rooms and informative in the classes.
HTML2 and METATAGS went well but had to "giveup on completing the CSS homework at week3 when it really gets "deep". Seems many have hit the "brickwall" here and take the subject again to get the hang of it all. I will return someday!

For spring term its
Javascript 1 for Beginners - will probably keep for reference with completing homework a function of "honey-do's"!
Egyptian Mythology 1 - hope to enjoy as much as reading and watching everything available in the media
Introduction to HTML Forms - This will be very time consuming and difficult so hope to get homework completed
OK Here we go again!
Well were now into Summer Semester and how time fly's. This term taking Javascript2, Explore New Worlds with PSP8 and a new course Power Tools:Turbo Charging Your Computer. With all of the priorities for my time this summer much of this effort will be to save lessons and chat notes and occasionally try the homework in case there are questions.

Well its Fall Semester and the subjects this term are:
HTML: Web Page Design for Beginners (can never be to well versed in the basics)
Surviving the Internet (this is getting to be a real challenge)
Navigate Deep Space with PSP8 (just to see how others do it. May never get there myself!)

Well jumping a year or so ahead I have completed/monitored several more courses over several semesters. This past semester included Genealogy and Spanish which are relatively new courses. With completion of those in May 2006 believe I may have finally saturated myself with VU courses for the time being. Will have to focus now on getting out of school and doing something with this web site such as working on the other side of the Genealogy gateway.

In addition hope you enjoy some of the auto slide shows below. 2 June, 2006

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