Digital Camera Techniques

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A digital camera will normally have at least 3 resolutions for taking pictures. Normally we all set the resolution above the 72px a web page displays. This often results in a photo larger than your monitor screen and large in terms of data content which occupies more bandwidth and time for up/down loading. The same may be said when sent as an email. One solution for translating from photo standards to web standards i.e. hi res for printed photos but low res is more desirable for internet transfers, is described and displayed below. For this application IrfanView was utilized and is availble as freeware on the internet.

Displayed are two objects at two different resolutions. Two are family bible pages and the other two are 35 mm film displays from an overhead projector. A point to make here is the digital camera can be a very valuable tool for genealogy and other reasearch projects requireing a lot of document copy. You don't need to pay for the printer just go home with your photos and print there if required. More likely however, you will be entering the digital data directly into a storage/processing program or transmitting elsewhere by email.

Assume the photo from your camera at medium resolution will contain about 400kb of data. This occupies a lot of memory and transfer time even with the latest technology. To immediately cut the data amount in half just display the photo full screen on your monitor. With Irfanview just tap the enter key for full screen display. Now hit the print screen button (upper right keyboard)and this screen display is loaded onto the Windows clipboard. Now Irfanview can be re-started or the display cleared so the clipboard photo copy can be pasted into Irfanview. Save this with a different name (change/add at least one letter) to preserve the original high res photo. The data content (right click/parameters) should be about half of the original. If you want it smaller then go to the Irfanview menu--Image--Resize/Resample and custom size to your requirement. I used reduced to 10% of original for these thumbnails.